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Bring back the '60s in private

The "Room Palette Skyrium" puts on an LED show where you're safe.

Japan Trend Shop

There's got to be a better way to relive your stoner days than wearing those Jamiroquai MP3 shades and, whatever it is, it's probably better done indoors where no one can see you. One solution could be this "Room Palette Skyrium" from the appropriately named "RelaxStyle" line of products from Japan's Banpresto. (But be careful of Japanese relaxation products, because they have a way of sneaking some perverse form of fitness into them.)

With any luck, this lighting experience will be totally devoid of physical exertion as it cycles through nine LED colors projecting various diffused themes on the ceiling, walls, or anywhere else you can see them, ranging from "Aurora" to "Resort Ocean," as described by Popgadget. If all works as planned, you could enjoy an adult version of those laser light shows so fondly remembered (or not) from your misspent youth. But be prepared: If you get the munchies, you're on on your own.