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BrightMail buffs its software

Top spam-filtering company BrightMail released a new version of its software Tuesday, with enhancements to block more spam. Called BrightMail Anti-Spam Version 5.5, the software is designed to give corporate customers and Internet service providers more flexibility and control to filter unwanted e-mail from their communications networks, according to the San Francisco-based company.

It includes features to outwit new spam tricks by detecting bogus Web addresses in e-mail. It also includes an updated "blacklist" of Internet open relays, or domains, that are used by junk mailers to send spam. In addition, it gives corporate customers more controls and choices to filter spam, with levers to create a "suspected spam" box, as well as more reporting tools. Privately held BrightMail has more than 1,500 corporate clients, including Microsoft, eBay, Bechtel, Deutsche Bank, AT&T Worldnet, EarthLink and Verizon Online.