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Brightkite is Facebook Connect's newest adopter

Location-based social network, Brightkite, has just added integration with Facebook Connect.

The location-based social network, Brightkite, has just rolled out its Facebook Connect implementation. Linking your Brightkite account with your Facebook profile will allow your check-ins, notes, and photos to be automatically posted on Facebook as either status messages or news feed items. The feature is currently available in Account Settings on the Sharing tab of Brightkite.

Brightkite's implementation of Facebook Connect is pretty slick and hassle-free. They have done a nice job of making the whole process very straightforward for the user. This new integration could help to introduce Brightkite to a whole new audience on Facebook that they haven't been able to reach yet.

Given what we have seen Brightkite do in regards to using Facebook Connect to update your status message, I think that we are going to see a lot of websites jump on the same bandwagon. It wouldn't surprise me to see services such as Xbox Live, Netflix, Hulu, and TiVo add Facebook Connect implementations featuring live-updating status messages ("Harrison is watching No Country for Old Men on Netflix"). At some point, Facebook is going to have to build a better system on their side in order to let users deal with all of these services that they are going to be adding via Connect. If you have a dozen applications, all with permissions to update your status message and news feed frequently, things could get out of hand very quickly and end up clogging up feeds and profiles, pushing more relevant information out of view.

We are already starting to see some great implementations of Facebook Connect (like this one with Brightkite) and the platform is still very young. I'm excited to see what the developers will show us next.