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Brighten the night with creative hostess gifts

These cups and coasters will add sparkle to any gathering.

Bright lights, so pretty. Amazon

Ah, the hostess gift. Sure, if you're desperate, you can grab a bottle of wine from your rack and stop by the dollar store to pick up a wine bag on your way to the party. But if you're a little bit creative, you can give a gift your hostess will enjoy, remember, and even appreciate.

This set of six plastic "crazy glow" cups from Oriental Trading Company is fun and sure to brighten any gathering. The glow swirls around the 12-ounce cups for up to 6 hours and turns ordinary drinks into something special. At $30 for the set, they are admittedly a little pricey, but they are a nice indulgence for the friend who's treating you to an evening of fun.

Want a different option? Try the Light Show Coasters--a set of four battery-operated interlocking puzzle pieces that light up when glasses are placed on them. You can add as many sets as you want and use them together or independently, but you will need to stockpile AAA batteries, as they're not included with the set.