Bright idea: Charging cables light up as current flows

Bored by gadget charging? Colorful cables from Dexim show you the current as it flows to your device, turning the simple act of recharging into a mini-rave.

Hey, that's purty. Dexim

I have "a friend" (who is no way whatsoever me, no sir, mm-mm) who recently got so excited about her new smartphone case she couldn't stop looking at it for days. Point being that accessories can hugely boost one's enthusiasm for gadgets, even the most humdrum ones.

Take these Dexim Visible Green illuminated charging cables that use electroluminescent (EL) technology to display the current flow from the power socket to your device. They function like any other charging cable, but they do it with such pizzazz that you (and by "you," I mean "me") can't help but feel energized watching them. Suddenly, charging a smartphone feels like going to a rave.

The speed of the lights varies depending on your charging needs; the lower the battery the faster the visible current moves, slowing when your gadget reaches 65 percent. Once a device is fully charged, the glowing stops and the charger goes into power-saving automatic standby mode.

A Visible Green charging system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (folding AC plug plus cable in purple, dark blue, light blue, or green) goes for $35, with the cable alone selling for $20. A 2.6-foot charge and sync cable compatible with most smartphones sporting a micro USB charging port costs about the same.

Dexim's Visible Green cables are available via a number of retailers, including Amazon. Please get us some while you're at it, would you?

(Via Macworld)