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Brewing time in the morning

The Krups KM9000 Cup-On-Request Coffeemaker helps to streamline busy mornings with its automatic timer and precise coffee dispensing.

The Krups KM9000 dispenses coffee at the press of a button.
The Krups KM9000 dispenses coffee at the press of a button. Krups

For many coffee drinkers, mornings before coffee aren't among life's beautiful moments. Harried and hurried, we ungracefully roll through our routine as best as we can. Along the way, things often get knocked over, bumped into, spilled, and splattered. Once we get to the magical machine, however, things get set straight in a hurry. (Assuming the automatic timer has kicked in.)

The Krups KM9000 Cup-On-Request Coffeemaker maximizes morning efficiency. Featuring a hidden tank carafe and a precise pouring system, the appliance helps to keep mornings moving on automatic. The adjustable-height drip tray accommodates multiple cup and mug sizes while the dispenser automatically pours the preprogrammed setting for a large or small cup--complete with immediate flow stop for a precise cup of coffee.

More than just a fancy coffee dispenser coupled with a coffee brewer, the machine includes some other features that coffee lovers can enjoy. Before brewing, water is first passed through a filter to improve taste. An adjustable extraction selector customizes coffee preferences, while a dual heating system helps to keep coffee hot, providing consistent cups for up to 4 hours after initial brewing--which should be enough time to get ready for morning people and non-morning people alike.