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Brew coffee anywhere with 'Hey Joe'

It might soon be possible to brew fresh coffee on top of Kilimanjaro (or pretty much anywhere else) thanks to a battery-powered brewer/mug.

Slide and sip Hey Joe

Nothing beats the great taste and pick-you-up power of coffee (except maybe being able to mainline caffeine in powder form). That is of course, unless it's stuck in a cabinet at home or at a Starbucks down the street when you're in the middle of a boring lecture or business meeting.

Enter the Hey Joe Coffee mug.

This nifty battery-operated gadget -- currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign -- can deliver a jolt of java pretty much wherever you are. You simply put a small filter/coffee combo pod into a tray, close it up, pour in some water and press a button. When you're ready to brew, press once to get your coffee at a steaming 140 degrees Fahrenheit, twice to get it a scorching 155 degrees, or three times for a cold-drip cuppa. Then just sip away. It's a brewer and mug all in one and can make up to 14 ounces of go juice at a time.

If you're concerned about the environmental impact of coffee pods, you needn't be. The Hey Joe folks make their pods out of biodegrable material impregnated with seeds. So you can plant your pod when you're done and get some perky plants out of the bargain. The manufacturers say that their pods will cost about 40 to 50 cents each depending on the quantity you order.

If pods aren't your thing at all, you can pack your own coffee into the tray and the gizmo still does its thing. Or you can use tea.

The mug recharges through a USB connection and is expected to get about three brews before it needs its own version of caffeine (that would be electricity for those of us who haven't had our coffee yet). It's also pretty much self-cleaning -- you just run a brew cycle with clean water and soap, then rinse.

Hey Joe

Right now the project has surpassed its initial goal of raising $20,000 (at press time it was at $45,553) but the team is going for stretch goals. Although it's no longer possible to get a Hey Joe for the early bird special price of $39, a pledge of $49 still snags you a black mug at a 40 percent discount.

And really, isn't the power to brew a cup of coffee in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a lifeboat worth at least that much? (Assuming you at least had some clean water, of course.)