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'Breaking Bad' rules Twitter traffic for TV series

Nielsen numbers show there's something about a high school chemistry teacher going rogue that whips up a tweet frenzy.


As chatter about "Game of Thrones" latest episode dominated social media on Monday, it appears "Breaking Bad" is still the TV king when it comes to Twitter.

A study released by Nielsen on Monday shows that the popular AMC series about a high school chemistry teacher come meth cook got more Twitter attention than any other television series over the last nine months.

On average, about 6 million people saw tweets about "Breaking Bad" during the airing of each episode and the three hours before and after. Additionally, more than 500,000 people tweeted about each show. During the "Breaking Bad" season finale last September, tweets about the series reached 9.1 million people.

"The cast was a big part of the conversation," Nielsen wrote in a blog post on Monday.

Apparently, 19,000 tweets mentioned the show's lead Bryan Cranston who played Walter White, aka Heisenberg, and a whopping 51,000 tweets mentioned actor Aaron Paul who played White's right-hand man, Jesse Pinkman.

As far as other series that were popular on Twitter over the past nine months, AMC's "The Walking Dead" came in second and ABC's "Pretty Little Liars" came in third. "The Bachelor," "Game of Thrones," and "Dancing With the Stars" also made the top 10 list.

Nielsen rolled out Twitter ratings for TV shows last October. The goal of these rankings is to measure the unique audience viewing tweets about individual programs -- in turn, this helps advertisers see what shows have the most traction with the social network's users.