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'Breaking Bad' Lego video game parody is breaking badass

One man's pitch-perfect vision of a Lego video game/"Breaking Bad" crossover will make you beg for it to become reality. Too bad that will never happen.

Breaking Bad video game parody
This would sell like hot cakes if it were real. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

The Lego franchise of video games has built itself up on the backs of family-friendly fare like "Harry Potter" and Marvel superheroes. Fan Brian Anderson has now taken us to the dark side with a video parody showing what it would be like if "Breaking Bad" were done up as a Lego game. And it's awesome.

The video throws in some spoilers from the first four seasons, but it's free from any fifth-season tip-offs. It starts with choosing your character, ranging from Jesse Pinkman to Saul Goodman.

We get Walter White in street clothes and follow along as he collects money, gets into a scrape with sidekick Jesse, and builds a mobile meth lab. This might not quite qualify as fun for the whole family, but it's sure a hoot for "Breaking Bad" fans.

The reaction to the video has been almost all positive, with viewers begging Anderson to take his vision to Kickstarter and make it real. That's probably never going to happen since Lego isn't likely to tie its brand to a show known for drugs and extreme violence.

We may have to settle for Anderson's video being our only glimpse into this magical crossover world of plastic building blocks, methamphetamine, and RVs, but it's better to have loved and lost than never to have seen it at all.