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Breaking Bad fans get Apple refund after season pass mix-up

Those who bought an iTunes season pass for season five part one will be offered a voucher.

Update: A reader has forwarded us a customer support email from Apple, which claims the Breaking Bad refund is not available in the UK, but only in the US, Australia, Germany and Canada.

Thanks Ian!

Breaking Bad fans who bought an iTunes season pass for both the first and second parts of the show's fifth season are being offered a refund from Apple.

The fifth and final season of the nail-biting US drama was split into two parts, the first of which aired in 2012, and the second of which started in August.

Each part consisted of eight episodes, making 16 in total. Although the two parts are billed as a single series, Apple sold iTunes season passes (which buy you access to subsequent episodes of a season) for both halves, meaning many people had to buy two season passes to get all the episodes.

As you'd expect, that upset many customers. One angry fan, who'd reasonably expected to get access to the final eight episodes having bought a single season pass, went as far as starting legal proceedings against Apple, the BBC reports.

Apple is now sending emails to customers, providing a voucher for $22.99 (about £14.38), the cost of a season pass for the second part of season five. Engadget has an example email, and it seems you can spend the voucher elsewhere in the iTunes store if you want.

Breaking Bad finishes for good on Sunday, with the final episode scheduled to pop up on UK Netflix the very next day, in a broadcast coup for the streaming service.

Did you pay twice for season five of Breaking Bad on iTunes? Are you thinking of pulling a sickie to watch the finale? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook. Oh, and check out our interview with Heisenberg himself, series star Bryan Cranston.