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Breakfast fit for an entomologist

The Bug Pancake Pan will imprint your silver dollar-size pancakes with impressions of a whole host of bugs.

Nordic Ware

There are plenty of ways to liven up a stack of pancakes: you can mix in blueberries or add a handful of chocolate chips or even use a pan that adds fun designs to your breakfast. The Bug Pancake Pan lets you take that last option, adding pictures of dragonflies, ladybugs, and more to your pancakes.

The pan comes from Nordic Ware and has a non-stick surface that's also heat-reflective, offering uniform browning for your pancakes. The pan offers seven different sections into which you can pour pancakes, each with its own bug theme: a dragonfly, snail, butterfly, ladybug, spider, bee, worm, and beetle. The pan was designed with silver dollar-size pancakes in mind.

The Bug Pancake Pan is particularly ideal for making up a stack of pancakes for children--not only will the bug imprints appeal, but the smaller pancakes will be a better fit for smaller appetites and the pan lets you make up a whole batch in a hurry. The pan is 10-1/4 inches across. Cleanup is hand-wash only: Nordic Ware warns against using abrasive cleaners with its non-stick pans. The Bug Pancake Pan is priced at $35.