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Breakfast appliance for any time of day

The Hamilton Beach 26046 Breakfast Master combines a skillet and a waffle-maker into one countertop appliance.

A hearty breakfast is just the start.
A hearty breakfast is just the start. Hamilton Beach

Like sausage and syrup, combining two good flavors often turns into something great.

Skillets and waffle-makers are two kitchen items associated with breakfast for good reasons. They both offer eaters the means to make long-standing favorites in a productive and easy fashion. Skillets are well-suited for frying up bacon and eggs, while making waffles in anything other than a waffle-maker (toasters and frozen discs do not count) can prove to be a challenge.

The aptly named Hamilton Beach 26046 Breakfast Master brings bacon and eggs to the table along with a platter of waffles. The all-in-one countertop appliance features two sets of cooking plates that allow for full meal creation in one setting. The removable plates are nonstick and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Heating from the top and bottom plates, the breakfast-making gadget allows for pancakes and omelets to be cooked without needing to be flipped over. With a hinged design and dual heating plates, users can get creative with their options beyond breakfast. A large adjustable temperature dial on top of the machine makes it easy to stay in control of the cooking no matter what's on the menu -- or what time of day it happens to be.

The Hamilton Beach 26046 Breakfast Master will be available August 2012.