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Breakdown of Apple's new iPhone 5, iPods

The newest iPhone sports a new body with faster speeds, the iPod Nano morphs again, and the iPod Touch gets Siri and a splash of color.

It's an Apple-tastic Wednesday tech news roundup:

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Months of Apple iPhone rumors and speculation are finally behind us! In today's CNET Update video, I highlight all the big changes for the iPhone 5, as well as the new versions of the iPod Nano and iPod Touch. You can find more details about Apple's new products in the links below:

  • iPhone 5: Longer screen, faster speeds, better camera, and new body. (The option for 4G LTE could be a boon for Verizon.)
  • Lightning connector: The smaller connection port means you might need to pick up this adapter for your accessories.
  • iOS 6: Siri and maps are improved when the operating system upgrade rolls out Sept. 19.
  • iPod Nano: No, it's not a mini iPhone. The Nano gets a new shape, more apps, Bluetooth and FM Radio.
  • iPod Touch: Now sporting a 4-inch screen and new colors, the iPod Touch gets Siri, a better camera and a wristband strap.
  • EarPod: The iconic earbuds get a new look. The EarPods took three years to make, and cost $30 to wear.
  • iTunes: I didn't have time to mention it in today's Update episode, but iTunes also got spruced up. Available in October, it will have a new interface, iCloud integration and a mini player for the desktop.

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