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Break the bank with the Niveus K2

Break the bank with the Niveus K2

We're currently testing the high-end Niveus Denali Media Center PC here in the CNET Labs, but the company already has a new system ready to challenge the pocketbooks of the gotta-have-it crowd.

Designed with the audiophile in mind, the Niveus Media Center K2 Limited Edition takes the basics of the Denali, like the fanless case and the BNC component connections, and adds high-grade balanced and unbalanced analog audio ports, while upping the storage capacity to 1TB. With its two SD and two HD TV tuners, you'll probably burn through that 1,000GB of hard drive space pretty quickly.

How much? Don't ask. The Denali starts at $4,600, so you might want to start scrounging the couch cushions for spare change now to save up for the K2.