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Brazilian bowl goes creepy crawly

Centipede bowl from the MoMA Design Store has movable parts and a unique look.

MoMA Store

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...a bowl?

No, this beautiful piece of artwork isn't meant to be used as a weapon to threaten your enemies--it's a bowl created for the MoMA Store's Destination: Brazil collection. The collection celebrates designs, culture, and lifestyle elements from Brazil, which explains the centipede design that inspired this bowl.

The bowl is constructed from 44 independently moving pieces that are each made from a composite of coconut fibers, sugar cane, and wood. Since each piece moves separately, you can rearrange the bowl in a huge variety of configurations. A rubber washer and magnetic end serve as the closure for the two ends of the bowl when it's closed.

But a design this unique comes with a heavy price tag: at $275, you can get it from the MoMA Design Store. Or, you could wait until you hit the lottery or add it to a bridal registry and hope one of your guests is feeling generous.