<b>RAM unseating in a PowerBook 3400: another follow-up

RAM unseating in a PowerBook 3400: another follow-up


I continue to get more reports as to the exact cause and ultimate solution for problems with RAM getting unseated in a PowerBook 3400 (as mentioned here previously). Two such reports now focus on the RAM itself. One message claimed that at least part of the problem is with the "thin design" of the RAM card, which makes it more likely that the keyboard pressure can pop it out. Another message (forwarded to me from the PowerBook Memory Source web site) claims the problem is: "due directly to a warping of the RAM card. Memory manufacturers who do not let their RAM cool properly (during production), are having problems as a direct result of the warping which often occurs when temperatures drop too rapidly." Getting RAM from "reliable vendors" can minimize the chance of this problem.

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