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Bragging rights go to Apple as per-share price now tops Google

For the first time, it now costs more to buy a share of Apple than to buy a share of Google.

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If you're keeping score -- and who doesn't these days? -- it now costs more to buy a share of Apple than to purchase a share of Google.

To be sure, this is more about bragging rights than anything else as the market capitalization is the truer indicator of value, and on that score Apple long ago surpassed Google's market cap. In fact, Apple is actually worth three times as much as Google.

Apple, however, still has a long way to go before its per-share price can compare with Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, which is currently trading at a whopping $121,156. Again, stock prices mean little as Apple's value is triple that of Berkshire.

Still, the moment is worth pointing out -- especially to those who weren't around a decade ago when Apple was on the ropes and a ripe candidate for bankruptcy.

That seems like ancient history now. The shares of the company have been on a tear -- especially since last fall. After taking a brief dip following the death of Steve Jobs, the stock has nearly doubled in price.

Fortune's Philip Elmer-Dewitt noted that shares of Apple reached their milestone today at 12:26 p.m. ET. In midday trading, Apple's stock was up more than 1 percent to $631.26. Shares of Google were trading at $630.59.