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Braggadocious! Fliike, a physical counter for Facebook 'Likes'

Want the world to know how well-"Liked" you are? A new device that sits on a counter or hangs on a wall tallies one measure of digital validation in real time.


They like you! They really like you! And now you can tout that fact to the world with a physical "Like" counter that displays your Facebook Likes as they tally up.

The Fliike by design studio Smiirl, a French startup that's fond of double-vowel combinations, connects to your Facebook page over Wi-Fi and transmits your Likes in real time via a mechanical flip-board-type setup.

The Fliike measures 16.5 inches wide by 4.72 inches tall and can be placed on a counter or hung on a wall. A limited number of the devices are now available for preorder at $390 (wait, $390?) and will ship in November.

Smiirl is promoting the product as a business marketing tool along the lines of the "People love us on Yelp" sticker, but there's really no reason (except humility) you can't stick one on your desk too, as an experiment in infecting co-workers, family, and friends with Facebook envy.

If you rack up more than 100,000 Likes, Smiirl can even provide a tailor-made Fliike with an extra numerical column to accommodate your ever-expanding social-media reach. What do you think of thaat?

Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET