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Brabus debuts pimped-out Tesla Roadster

The first all-electric supercar gets an audible upgrade.


Sure, whipping around the Hollywood Hills in your Tesla Roadster is going to be awesome when the supercar finally ships, but you want to stand out. That's why you hire a group like Brabus to pimp out your all-electric ride.

Its new Tesla package, rolled out at the Essen auto show in Germany, includes ground lights, new wheels and tires, a front-lip spoiler, and--our favorite part--sound effects. The Roadster, being all electric, is fairly quiet. The Bottrop, Germany-based Brabus seems to think we won't like that, so the package includes everything from a mimic of a race car engine to futuristic Star Trek-like settings referred to as "beam" and "warp."

The coolest high-tech car in the world just got that much cooler. No word on when Brabus will offer a commercial version of the package as an after-market treatment, but it can't be denied that the inclusion of audible as well as visual enhancements just raised the bar in the world of ride-pimpin'.

(Via Motor Authority)