<b>PPP Menu problems appear to persist in 2.0.1;<br>

PPP Menu problems appear to persist in 2.0.1;


2.0.1a herel; 2.0.2 coming Apparently the new PPP Menu 2.0.1 did not eliminate all the bugs previously reported for 2.0.

a. Matt Peterson reports PPP Menu still conflicts with SAM 4.0.8, resulting in an 'Error 88' crash when changing the SAM's preferences.

b. Bruce Hiles writes that PhotoGIF 2.1x3 still forgets its registration number and won't allow its reentry when PPP Menu is installed.

c. Scott Jennings lost sound on his PowerCenter 180 when PPP Menu was installed.

d. Another reader reports that he could not send faxes via STFfax 3.2.3 when PPP Menu was installed.

e. Brian Magnuson still had PPP Menu erroneously indicate he was connected online, followed by a Type 11 error when he clicked the "Close PPP Connection" option.

Brian also claimed that "Allow applications to open connection" in FreePPP Setup must be checked for "Open PPP Connection" under the PPP Menu to work. When it is unchecked, the "Open..." function doesn't work at all.

f. Tony Aguila writes: "If you make a connection by launching a TCP/IP application (e.g. Navigator or Eudora), then PPP Menu is not aware that you are connected and if you pull down the menu, the "Open PPP Connection" will be available while the "Close PPP Connection" item will be dimmed. If you do select "Open PPP Connection" while you are connected, it will try to make another connection and you will have to click on the STOP button, which in turn will disconnect your present connection."

g. Peter Wilson still has the problem accessing his server with ARA when PPP Menu is present.

However, Peter was sent a beta copy of PPP Menu 2.0.2 and it fixed this ARA problem! Expect this newer version soon!

Update: While users continue to report problems with 2.0.1, those who have gotten their hands on 2.0.2 are reporting that this one truly fixes the bugs! Meanwhile, Jay Duff reports that a PPP Menu 2.0.1a is already available (if you can get through to their ftp site).

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