<b>PowerBook 3400 RAM problem: a follow-up

PowerBook 3400 RAM problem: a follow-up


Speaking of Apple's Portable Computers Discussion Board, I can now confirm the statement from Apple on the PowerBook 3400 RAM unseating problem (as described last time).

Apple officially describes the foam pad "part" needed to fix the problem as the "RAM Gasket Fulfillment Kit." Again, "the kit is available at no charge from Apple-authorized service providers. Ask for part number number 922-3103 (GASKET,FOAM,KEYBOARD). Or you can call the Apple Assistance Center and request the Kit. (Soon there will be a phone prompt in place to route you directly to a team supporting this fulfillment.)"

Update: Edward Robinson writes that the RAM Gasket kit has also been used for similar problems in the Powerbook 190s and 5300s.

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