<b>PowerBook 3400 extension conflicts: a follow-up

PowerBook 3400 extension conflicts: a follow-up


Regarding the several conflicts noted last time:

a. CyberFinder and the loss of the Power key shut down message Dirk Munson (of Aladdin) writes: "This is an issue that we are aware of that only affects newer PowerBook models (PPC only I believe). Unfortunately, there is currently no fix available."

b. Type 10 errors when waking from Sleep Several readers (John David Dionisio was the first to email me on this) have confirmed that this problem only occurs when AppleTalk is active and Ethernet is selected as the Connection method (from the AppleTalk control panel). Keeping AppleTalk off when you do not need it is a work-around for this problem. The cause, as I suspected, seems to have nothing to do with the QuickDraw 3D software - contrary to my hedged assertion last time.

c. Apple System Profiler freeze John David also reports that he has the same freeze with Apple System Profiler that I reported last time. Based on other reports I have received, it appears to be limited to the 12X CD-ROM drive.

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