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<b>Power Computing tech support and service changes

Power Computing tech support and service changes

From Power Computing comes the following announcement: "Beginning in early December, Apple will begin to provide telephone technical support for the entire Power Computing line of Mac OS products. DecisionOne will provide hardware service for these products. All existing warranties and extended service agreements purchased from Power Computing will be honored by DecisionOne. DecisionOne will continue to offer service parts for our Mac OS products for at least the next seven years. Beginning next week, Apple will also assume responsibility for ongoing Power Computing support online. I have been working with Apple's TSO team to ensure that our customers will continue to receive timely and helpful online support."

Meanwhile Henry Phillips is unhappy with being caught in the middle of these changes. He writes: "I have a PowerBase 200 Minitower with a 8 speed CD-ROM drive that needed to be replaced under warranty. Power Computing will no longer ship out replacement parts for systems that are still under warranty. You must send the computer to them and wait for them to fix it. The Power Computing rep said that they have closed down their parts shop and are awaiting for Apple to take things over at the beginning of the year." Henry was upset because the cost of shipping and insuring the computer (which he had to pay) was almost as much as a new CD-ROM drive.