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Boyfriend Pillow holds you while you watch 'Steel Magnolias'

He's the squishy silent type. The Boyfriend Pillow for lonely ladies brings new meaning to the concept of a stuffed shirt.

Boyfriend Pillow
What a hunk. Amazon

Apparently, people-shaped pillows for lonely folks have been around for a while, but I just found out about this particular variation. I could really use a hug right now, so here goes.

Some women dream of the perfect man. He listens without interrupting. He wraps his arms around your shoulder while you sob at Tasha Yar's demise during a "Star Trek" rerun. Does such a man really exist? Sort of. Your dreamboat may be the $34.95 Boyfriend Pillow.

The pillow is half of a headless torso with one arm reaching out from the body. I know that sounds like a description from "The Walking Dead." It wears a blue shirt and won't judge you for watching chick flicks or "Prometheus."

According to the product description, "The boyfriend pillow provides firm sleeping support and it's great for snuggling." The microfiber shirt is removable for washing and the pillow itself is stuffed with polyester.

I find it hard to believe that the woman in the picture can't find a boyfriend, unlike Amazon reviewer Donna Cubbins. She writes, "I like to snuggle with this pillow every night and pretend that it's Jareth the Goblin King from Jim Henson's Labyrinth. I hope he takes me away some day. Forever alone."

Believe it or not, this is an equal-opportunity pillow. Customer chatchi from Chicago writes, "With a little more imagination, and a lot more perfume, you can also pretend the pillow is actually the girl featured in the product photo. But that's up to you."

Boyfriend Pillow
He's less than half a man. Amazon

(Via Design Taxi)