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Boxee set to battle Apple TV, Roku

Boxee TV arrives with a deal for early adopters, AT&T and T-Mobile launch system to fight smartphone theft, and donations for Sandy relief are delivered via iTunes.

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While CNET's New York office waits for power to come back after the storm, we're bringing you the Update show from our San Francisco office. Thursday's top tech stories include:

- Boxee TV arrives at Walmart for $99 and offers perks for early adopters, including three months of free service and a discounted DVR subscription afterward.

- AT&T and T-Mobile have activated a new service that blocks smartphone thieves from using a stolen phone on GSM networks.

- AT&T launched the AT&T Locker app that offers 5GB of free cloud storage to customers with Android and Apple devices.

- Amazon Game Studios released its first mobile app game, Air Patriots. This is the second digital game made by Amazon. The first was a Facebook-based game called Living Classics.

- Federal officials say communication networks impacted by superstorm Sandy have seen slight improvement. About 25 percent of the nation's wireless cell sites and cable customers were without service.

- As in previous disasters, the Red Cross is taking donations via text messages. Also, Apple's iTunes has become a hub for donating to the Red Cross.

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