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Boxee remote gets official for PC and Mac

D-Link has formally announced the Boxee remote as a standalone product for PCs and Macs, letting you seamlessly control the software from your couch, although its pricey at $50.

Boxee remote
D-Link's remote for Boxee is now available as a standalone product for controlling a PC or Mac. D-Link

The buzz surrounding the Boxee Box is at least partially because of its unique double-sided QWERTY remote. D-Link has been selling the remote as a standalone product for PCs and Macs since November 2010, but the company just got around to formally announcing it today. Connect the USB RF dongle to your computer and the remote works seamlessly with the Boxee software. Its $50 price tag is definitely high, though, especially with fully featured home theater remotes like Logitech Harmony 650 available for around $70.

Boxee remote

While the Boxee remote is definitely more home theater-friendly than a full-size keyboard, we weren't totally thrilled with it in our review of the Boxee Box last year. Not only is it not backlit, but the lettering on the buttons is a dark shade of gray that is difficult to read.

And although we liked the idea of the double-sided remote, in practice we occasionally found ourselves accidentally hitting some of the keyboard buttons when using the standard directional pad. (The similar remote on the Samsung UND8000 series deactivates whichever side isn't facing up.)

If you're a heavy Boxee user on your PC or Mac, it might be worth the money, but it's a lot to spend on a remote to control one gadget.