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Boxee Box's Netflix app delayed--again

The hangup, Boxee says, is that it hasn't yet been able to meet Netflix's security requirements. Rather than offer another specific deadline, it says now the service is coming "soon."


As January came and went, those hoping for Netflix on the Boxee Box were once again disappointed.

In an early morning blog post today, Boxee revealed that its Netflix app failed to make a self-imposed January 31 deadline because "we have not yet satisfied Netflix's security requirements." Boxee didn't say exactly what the issue is, but added that aside from that hangup, the app works as expected on internal units of its set-top box.

Knowing that users wouldn't be happy to hear the news, Boxee's vice president of marketing, Andrew Kippen, attempted to quell the expected unrest by acknowledging the outcry over Netflix still missing from the platform.

"There's not a day that goes by without dozens of emails, comments, tweets, asking about Netflix," Kippen wrote on Boxee's blog. "We all want it. We hear you in every medium (even audience cries at the Crunchies) that you tell us you want it and we're doing everything we know to do to make this happen as quickly as possible."

For months now, Boxee has been promising Netflix on its set-top box.

When the device launched in November, Boxee said it would make the streaming service available "by the end of the year." After failing to meet that deadline, the company said last month that it would get the service out the door by the end of January. At the time, Boxee said that it was "still on track" for that release.

This time, Boxee has decided against offering up a time frame for the release of Netflix. The company would say only that it expects the service to be available "soon."

It better hurry up. The Boxee Box competes in a hotly contested market with devices including the Apple TV, Roku's set-top boxes, and Google TV-based products. In all of those cases, Netflix streaming is available to users.