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Boxee Box price drops to $180

D-Link is lowering the price on the Boxee Box to $180, which still makes it significantly more expensive than rivals like the Roku 2 and Apple TV.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Boxee Box has always seemed overpriced at $200, but D-Link is about to make it slightly more palatable. Effective September 4, D-Link is dropping the price of the Boxee Box to $180, down from $200.

Pricing was definitely one of our major hangups when the Boxee Box was first released, and Boxee has also made some strides to fill in its content gaps, now supporting Netflix, Vudu, Pandora, and MLB.TV. (Still no update on when Hulu Plus support is coming.) We'll be re-reviewing the Boxee Box this month in light of all the changes that have been made this year.

While the new $180 price helps, the Boxee Box still has an uphill fight against more affordable rivals like the Roku 2 or Apple TV. Boxee's big advantage has always been superior support for a wide range of different file types, but that won't be enough to transcend its enthusiast-only appeal.

D-Link Boxee Box