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Save your Microsoft Office files straight to with this new plug-in. is beta testing a new plug-in for Microsoft Office that lets users save Office files to their storage folders. The plug-in works for both Office 2003 and 2007 on Windows XP and Vista, provides users a new "Save to" button, and gives visual notification when the file is uploading and then successfully sent. Users can then access that file anytime on their Web storage folder. users can now download a plug-in for Microsoft Office to save files right to their Web storage folders. CNET Networks

The new plug-in was built using's developer API, which the team says can be used to add this functionality to other applications. is also planning to add support for their network-sharing platform, which supports centralized file access and sharing for multiple users.

This is definitely a worthy download if you're a user, as it skips the need to fire up your browser and upload your files. However, similar solutions from competing companies offer a more robust option for file junkies. Omnidrive and Xdrive's virtual drives let you open and save remote files right from Word, or any other application for that matter, although I have a feeling isn't that far behind with their own virtual drive solution.

[via DownloadSquad]