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Mobile Accessories on iPad becomes a presentation projector

The enterprise collaboration app adds new features to help you leave your laptop at home.'s iPad app announced an update to its for iPad app today, and it's one that could make you leave behind your laptop come your next off-site meeting or business trip.

In fact, four new features join the iOS app for in-the-cloud business collaboration. The first is single sign-on, a convenience that allows you to log in once to connect Box, Google Apps, and PingFederate. Next, there's now iPad locking and auto-locking to add an extra security layer to Box's app.

Third, tapping a button in the top right corner of the app pulls up an air-printing option, which gets your documents inked on Air Print-compatible printers. Finally, using a dock connector-to-VGA Adapter (approximately $30) gets you video-out, an asked-for feature that lets you run videos, presentations, and documents from the iPad.

Box also has plenty of plans going forward, like giving the app the power to create and upload new content--it's view-only for now--and improving its IT admin controls to the iPad, so companies can remove access to if the iPad is lost or stolen. is also building up its platform tools to release its APIs to developers.