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Bowers & Wilkins updates Mini Theater-series speakers

Looking for big sound from little speakers? Bowers & Wilkins' refreshed Mini Theater speakers might do the trick.

Bowers & Wilkins

I've always been partial to Bowers & Wilkins' Mini Theater-series speaker systems, especially the orb-shaped PV1 subwoofer that came with the higher-end setup. B&W seemed to have managed a near-perfect balance of style, technology, and performance with those systems.

This year's updated MT-50 and MT-60D packages feature upgraded M-1 satellite speakers, which are said to have a "longer-throw mid/bass driver" to deliver improvements in low-frequency response. The new M-1 satellites are rated to reach 55Hz, which is a lot better than the 90Hz low-end of its identically named predecessor.

Another addition is B&W's new PV1D subwoofer. The sub retains the dual-driver design of the PV1, but adds DSP (digital signal processing) and some tweaks to the drive units and amplifier. There's also an OLED display and touch-sensitive buttons on the side of the PV1D that allows users to customize equalization settings. The MT-50 bundle still includes B&W's more affordable ASW608 subwoofer.

Bowers & Wilkins

B&W's MT-60D and MT-50 5.1-channel systems are available in matte black or white and should go on sale in the UK sometime in March. No information has been released about other markets, but you should be able to contact distributors in your own country for more details.

(Source: Crave Asia via What Hi-Fi)