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Bouncing around with a ball-shaped camcorder

DVR CamBall from Korea is smaller than a ping-pong ball.

Another day, another ball-shaped device. But this time, it's not a digital still camera. It's a camcorder that's smaller than a ping-pong ball.

DVR CamBall
Crave Asia

The DVR CamBall hails from Korea, and housed within the tiny physique are all the necessary components for capturing 320x240- or 640x480-pixel video clips. It has an SD memory slot to expand the capacity to 8GB.

All in all, it is a fully functional digital camcorder minus the LCD screen for framing or playback.

It doesn't help that we don't understand Hangul (the Korean writing system) and the page doesn't have any text coding so we weren't able to use a translation software. Therefore, we cannot decipher the specifications listed on its Web site.

But from the pictures, it seems there is a four-way directional pad with LED indicators around it to display what mode the camcorder is in. From the contents in the package, it appears this videocam is powered by a cell rechargeable via USB.

Starting at $185, the DVR CamBall is only available online for now.

(Via Crave Asia)