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Both bigger and smaller HTC Ones are on the way, source says

HTC is making both bigger and smaller versions of its flagship handset, according to a source.

Both bigger and smaller versions of the HTC One will launch soon, someone familiar with the matter has told Pocket-lint.

The specs for the bigger blower will stay the same, but the screen will be larger than the current One's 4.7 inches. Exactly how much larger isn't clear, but it'll be somewhere between 5 and 6 inches. The smaller version, meanwhile, will be codenamed the M4. This'll have a 4.3-inch screen, according to the source. Blimey. And I thought Samsung was throwing every imaginable size at the wall and seeing what fits.

And how about that Google edition HTC One we told you about the other day? You know, the one stripped of HTC's Sense UI to run pure Android, like the Nexus 4. Well our US colleagues have confirmed it is in fact real, and coming this summer. There's no word on whether it'll reach these shores (the Google Edition Galaxy S4 is US-only at the moment, and the Google edition HTC One is rumoured to be the same), but here's hoping.

The standard not-big, not-small, non-Google-edition HTC One runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but with HTC Sense slathered all over it. The handset was delayed here in the UK due to supply issues, which led to HTC's profits taking a plummet. Production is set to double this month though, to meet "strong demand". The handset sold 5 million in its first month, which is half as many as the Galaxy S4.

Both the One and S4 come with plenty of bloatware pre-installed, which has angered some phone fans. Samsung has loaded so much software onto the S4 that the 16GB version only actually has around 8GB usable storage, so a Google Edition running pure Android will be heartily welcomed.

Are you looking forward to more sizes of HTC One? And will these Google editions be a better bet than the standard versions? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.