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AI bot writes a pretty darn believable Taylor Swift song

Sing out, all you starry-eyed hipsters, a neural network is trying to recreate the singer's very personal lyrics.

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate this news, but a bot has written a Taylor Swift-style song, and it sounds a lot like it could've come from the hitmaker herself.

The data scientists at, a site that allows consumers to compare television-service offerings, plugged all of Swift's lyrics into a neural network and trained it to come up with its own Swiftian lyrics. The site later assembled them into a song. (There are only lyrics so far, no music, though feel free to sing it to the tune of Shake It Off or Bad Blood.)

The resulting song, named by the bot, is called The Last Word (Whoa, Whoa-Ah-Oh), which has both realistic Swift elements and a little AI craziness.

The full lyrics are available online, and fans will recognize some very Taylor turns of phrase, including "Wednesday is a wound around the corner," and "she drove you to think you found the one with fire and late dreaming."


The site tweeted the results at Taylor Swift herself on Monday, but so far, she hasn't responded. Let's hope there's no Bad Blood.