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Boston Dynamics robot dog twerking to SexyBack will rattle your soul

The SpotMini dancing to Justin Timberlake is way weirder than it dancing to Bruno Mars.

Nobody asked for it, but Reddit user MattShea decided the recent video of Boston Dynamics' robot dog SpotMini dancing to Uptown Funk needed a more disturbing variation.

So now we have SpotMini shaking its robo-tush to pop star Justin Timberlake's pounding anthem SexyBack.

The robot's choreography translates nicely to the beat of the new song, but it's the lyrics that turn this into an exercise in existential despair. 

It's not too bad until we get to the part where SpotMini starts rotating its booty to the words "Dirty babe/You see these shackles, baby/I'm your slave/I'll let you whip me if I misbehave." 

This might evoke thoughts of that Boston Dynamics video from earlier this year where a human handler pushed and yanked SpotMini around. 

Then you might wonder how long it will take before the robots get tired of this sort of treatment. But let's not go there. As of now, humans are still the boss, even if our robots are better dancers than we are.