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Boston Acoustics TVee Model 25: Capable sound bar, but too expensive

The Boston Acoustic TVee Model 25 is a competent, but unexceptional, sound bar with some design flaws that make it not quite worth its premium price tag.

When Boston Acoustics first came out with its TVee line of sound bars , its modest pricing and focus on simplicity were a welcome addition to a market filled with overpriced models.

A few generations later, the TVee Model 25 faces a much different set of competitors: tons of cheap sound bars that are good enough if you just want something that sounds better than your TV. That's essentially the rub with the TVee Model 25, which is an all-around decent sound bar with better-than-average sound quality (and some design flaws), but its $350 street price seems out of sync with the market.

If you find it at a discount, the Boston Acoustics TVee Model 25 offers up pretty solid sonics for its size; otherwise you'll get a better value elsewhere.

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Boston Acoustics TVee Model 25