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Bose headphone deal: SoundTrue Ultra for $60 at Best Buy

Bose's highly rated SoundTrue Ultra in-ear wired headphones are on sale for better than half off at Best Buy.

The SoundTrue Ultra in white (only the charcoal color is on sale).

Sarah Tew/CNET

Wired headphones are a bit passe at this point, but I thought it worth pointing out that Best Buy has Bose's SoundTrue Ultra (iOS version) in-ear headphones on sale for $60. That's $70 off their $130 list price. The Android version is listed as no longer available.

See the Bose SoundTrue Ultra (iOS version) at Best Buy

The Ultra is one of my favorite in-ear headphones because it's both comfortable to wear and sounds excellent. Steve Guttenberg, who writes CNET's Audiophiliac column, agrees, saying "it's highly recommended to audiophiles" and "anyone who finds in-ears uncomfortable."

Not everybody feels the same way. Many fans of Bose's earlier in-ear headphones, which had a semi-open design, took issue with the noise-isolating design and felt the SoundTrue Ultra had too much cord noise for their tastes. And some complained about hearing their footsteps as they walked. If you're not used to a noise-isolating design, I can see how this might be a problem -- but it wasn't for me.

For its part, Bose is selling both the iOS and Android versions of the SoundTrue Ultra for $80 in its online store.  I asked Bose whether it's phasing out the headphone -- it quite possibly is -- but I didn't immediately hear back from a PR rep. 

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