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Borland updates Visual dBase tool

The company's Visual dBase 7 for Windows 95 and Windows NT is more ActiveX friendly and easier to manage.

Borland International (BORL) has updated its Visual dBase development tool to be more ActiveX friendly and easier to manage.

Visual dBase 7 for Windows 95 and Windows NT also adds a high-performance compiler, a new report writer, and new tools for managing relationships between visual components, database components, and objects, Borland said. Also included are new wizards and Web tools for easily publishing data over the Internet.

The tool uses the company's 32-bit Borland Database Engine for high-speed access to Borland's dBase, Paradox, and InterBase databases, as well as to Oracle, Sybase, Informix Software, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and ODBC-compatible data sources.

Borland has integrated its RAD Workbench IDE, used in its other development tools, into Visual dBase 7. The Workbench includes code wizards, visual design and reporting tools, a Visual SQL Builder, and Project Explorer for visually managing application files.

Visual dBase pricing starts at $349.95. Users of previous versions of dBase can upgrade to dBase 7 for $199.95.