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Borland lays off about 300

Software company's group consolidations are part of its plan to reinvent itself--and save $60 million annually.

Borland Software is restructuring and laying off 20 percent of its work force.

The software company announced the downsizing on Wednesday. The approximately 300 layoffs will come from varied international operations and result in a consolidation of Borland facilities.

Borland also said its customer support will become part of its research and development department. Its sales and professional services groups will become what Borland is calling field operations. As part of these changes, Borland has also created a new-business operations function to report directly to CEO Tod Nielsen, who joined Borland last year after years at Microsoft and Oracle.

Borland expects to see about $60 million in annual cost savings as a result of these changes and its divestment of the development tools group, which it announced in February.

In early 2006, Borland said its losses had grown to $9.6 million for the fourth quarter, marking a 14 percent decline.

Borland acquired Segue Software, a testing-tool company, for $100 million in cash last month so it could expand its application life cycle management, or ALM, products and services.

The restructuring is part of Borland's overall plan to reinvent the company. Borland will detail its organizational changes during its financial-earnings press conference May 10, the company said in a statement.