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Tech Industry

Borland, IBM set bundles for developers

Big Blue and the software maker say they will bundle each other's products as part of a deal to target Windows and Linux developers.

IBM and Borland Software will bundle each other's products as part of a deal to target developers, the companies said Monday.

The deal is focused on software for Windows and Linux developers.

Starting later this summer, IBM will include 30-day trial versions of Borland's Delphi Studio Architect, C++Builder Enterprise and Kylix Enterprise with its DB2 Universal Developer's Edition and DB2 Universal Personal Edition. Borland will bundle the IBM software with its shipments.

The two companies will also create a portal aimed at software developers. The portal will be hosted on the IBM Web site and marketed by IBM and Borland.

Borland has been busy on the alliance front of late.

Last week, it announced a closer alliance with BEA Systems. The two companies inked co-marketing agreement in which BEA will resell Borland's popular JBuilder Java development tool. Borland, in turn, will build a version of JBuilder for BEA's WebLogic application server software.