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Borderline useless: Karl Lagerfeld's custom Louis Vuitton iPod trunk

Karl Lagerfeld's custom Louis Vuitton iPod trunk is made of black Taiga leather, with brass embellishments and a red microfiber interior.

Sweet Nelly Furtado album, bro. Luxist

Did you know that Louis Vuitton, French manufacturer of leather "luxury" goods, will make you a special one-off case for anything you ask for if you can throw down the cash to pay for the work? Apparently this isn't a new service, but I'd never heard of it until today, when I stumbled upon the most ridiculous tech accessory I've ever seen. It's an iPod carrying trunk made of black Taiga leather with brass embellishments and a red microfiber interior made to spec for Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. Don't believe me? Peep old boy's red initials engraved on top of the lid.

The majestic travel case houses a smaller drawer inside that can hold 20 iPods at once along with chargers, headphones, Maltese Falcons, and other accessories in Karl's mysterious cache. KL also instructed LV to cut him a compartment specifically for his precious JBL Creature iPod speakers and subwoofer combo. Wait, back up...why does he have 20 iPods? And JBL Creature speakers? Are you kidding me? Is there a spot in there for his Apple Newton and spare floppy disks, too? Someone should probably escort Mr. Lagerfeld to the nearest external hard drive, it'll blow his mind. After that, maybe a crash course on the progressive history of laptops and the current state of high fidelity speakers. Actually, forget it; maybe he can just pay Louis Vuitton to build him a leather-wrapped time machine to transport him back to 2004.