Booyah for Ouya gaming console

Ouya stirs up the gaming world with $99 console, Viacom channels go dark on DirecTV, and what went wrong at Netflix amid its price-hike fiasco.

The world is out for your wallet, but we'll never raise our prices. That's a Wednesday Update promise!

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It's been a year since Netflix got itself in a mess with a bungled price-hike announcement, followed by the Qwikster embarrassment. I sat down with colleague Greg Sandoval to discuss his report on what went wrong at the once-beloved tech company. You can read his story and catch our full interview here: The inside story of Netflix's price-hike train wreck.

Games on Amazon's Kindle Fire will be adding achievements, leaderboards and the ability to save game progress to the cloud. Amazon is hoping these new features can entice more game developers to build for the Fire tablet.

But there's another challenge brewing in the gaming industry. It's difficult for an independent game designer to get their game on a TV console like the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. So here comes a startup called Ouya to answer that problem. Ouya is designed to be a $99 game system built on android open-source platform. The idea has been a wild success on the micro-funding site Kickstarter. In one day it pulled in more than $3 million. That's a record.

If you're a DirecTV subscriber, you'll have to live without Spongebob, Snooki and Stephen Colbert. DirecTV dropped Viacom networks when it couldn't reach terms on distrubtion fees. Viacom says it was only asking for a few pennys more a day per subscriber. DirecTV is saying those extra pennies add up to $1 billion. And subscribers just say, "I want my MTV!"

And today we're keeping our frugal eye FatWallet, which gives 3 percent cash back rebates on any mp3 or video downloaded off Amazon. Yeah, since when have you heard of getting rebates for digital downloads? Now of course that comes out to a few pennies for every purchase, but it can add up to make it worth the extra click or two.

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