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Boost Mobile cranks up unlimited music streaming

The first round of partners include Pandora, Slacker Radio, iHeartRadio, Samsung Milk Music and 8tracks.


Boost Mobile subscribers get unlimited music streaming.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile has become the latest wireless provider to give customers unlimited access to streaming music. Starting today, Boost subscribers can listen to a number of music sites without using up precious data.

The all-you-can-hear music feature doesn't impact monthly data allotments, just like T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile, a Sprint-owned brand as is Boost. Independent ROK Mobile also bundles unlimited music into its $50 plan.

At launch, Boost customers can tune into Pandora, Slacker Radio, Samsung Milk Music and 8track without even touching their data. The Unlimited Music Streaming perk is available on all Boost Mobile rate plans including the recently introduced Growing Data plan.

It's worth noting that customers will still have to pay for anything they buy extra from those services and apps, like songs or ad-free streaming. Boost promises to add more streaming music services that won't count against your data when you play songs, but we don't have details yet. In the meantime, you can suggest your favorite music apps at Boost's site.