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Boost Mobile ad pimps WiMax 4G

Sprint's prepaid carrier enlists actor/comedian Faizon Love as the "4Genie."

Boost Mobile's new 4Genie ad
Poof! A new 4G phone from Boost. Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Starting today, Boost Mobile will pepper the airwaves with its first in a trio of national spots to advertise its brand-new 4G network in general, and the HTC EVO Design 4G in particular.

The ads feature actor/comedian Faizon Love of "Elf," "Couples Retreat," and "Zookeeper", as the "4Genie," a supernatural character who poofs into being when distressed phone owners wish aloud for lower-cost 4G plans.

Love's 4Genie also zaps new phones into consumers' hands, in this case, over two friends' fast food lunch. They didn't even have to rub the bottle of ketchup to get him to appear. You can watch the first ad below.

In addition to spreading the word about Boost Mobile's newly announced 4G network, the campaign ties to a Wish Fulfillment Center where fans can solicit Love's 4Genie to respond to their wishes in video form. Boost Mobile's Wish Fulfillment Center will live on Facebook starting June 11.

Announced last month at CTIA, Boost Mobile's 4G network is essentially Sprint's WiMax hand-me-down, as the larger, postpaid carrier prepares to deploy its first 4G LTE network. Sprint similarly launched a 4G WiMax network for Virgin Mobile at the same show.