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BooRah launches API to share restaurant reviews

BooRah has launched an API to give website owners the opportunity to post its restaurant reviews on its site. But will that be enough to coax them from Yelp?

BooRah, a service that uses semantic technology to find restaurant reviews online and combine them to give users a rating, announced that it has launched a new API for websites and businesses that want to display the company's reviews on their own sites.

The API allows users to search for restaurants in their city and view the detailed ratings for food, service, and ambiance that have already been generated on BooRah. The API will also give its users the option of displaying links for discounts, menus, and coupons. BooRah hopes users will employ the API's location capabilities to deliver location-enabled applications through Mozilla's Geode, Android, or the iPhone.

BooRah's main competitor, Yelp has already released a host of APIs to provide its users, so the company is behind. But by offering an API, BooRah is trying to position itself to expand and become a more viable alternative to Yelp.

The BooRah API is free to use and available on the company's site.