'BoomPod' game seat: DIY special effects

It's like playing games while balancing on an exercise ball.

Tech Culture

If you want to feel the action in your gaming chair but don't feel like dropping $22,500 for a racing simulator, you can at least get some old-school kinetics from the "BoomPod."

The latest game seat from LumiSource doesn't rely on artificial stimulants from the likes of a "ButtKicker Gamer" or "D-Box." Instead, you have to do most of the work yourself by rocking on its "rounded bottom for multi-directional tilt"--in other words, it's like trying to play while balancing on an exercise ball.

It does appear to have some ports and maybe even a built-in speaker or two, but that's not the point. The BoomPod seems to be trying to get kids (and adults) to do more than just sit and collect dust. But if you're not interested in changing your family's sedentary ways, you can always stick with the "Slouchpod."

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