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Boombox iPhone case styles up speakerphone situations

While the days of the boombox are behind us, one case maker lets the loud spirit and flashy design of the device live on in a decorative iPhone cover.

Anyone else feel like queuing up "Rapper's Delight " by Sugarhill Gang after seeing this case? Caseorama

In the early days of '80s hip-hop, you were almost sure to see one item on the streets of any major city: the boombox.

More recently, city ordinances and personal music players have all but eliminated the chance of encountering a wild boombox blasting tunes, but you can resurrect the iconic look of the gaudiest piece of consumer electronics ever with the $17.50 Boombox Ghetto Blaster iPhone case by Caseorama on Etsy (available for iPhone 5 and 4/4S).

Clad in dozens of false buttons, equalizers, and shiny aluminum accents, this boombox iPhone case looks just like a Tecsonic Intersound, one of the most popular blasters of its day. Can you imagine the looks you'll get when people see this next to your ear?

Perhaps the best part of the case is that you won't need 10 D batteries to make it work, but then again, it doesn't actually play music on its own.