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Boogie to Tetris on a Dance Dance Revolution mat

MIT students have brought new life to the old classic by attaching a pair of 6-foot LED arrays to DDR mats. To rotate the bricks, you'll have to get moving.

Everyone remembers Tetris. Students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have brought new life to the classic game game by attaching a pair of 6-foot colored LED arrays to Dance Dance Revolution mats.

The life-size game is displayed on the LED arrays instead of a television set. To rotate or change the position of the brick, you'll have to step on the preassigned pads on the DDR mats. Of course, instead of dancing, you'll just be hopping around trying to control your brick, making you look rather silly.

Watch the video to see the whole concept in action:

The students have also provided instructions here, so anyone with the right coding knowledge and equipment can build a setup like this too.

(Source: Crave Asia via Engadget)