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Bonus-deal Friday: Five bargains you won't want to miss

Score an Xbox Live Gold membership, a massive '50s-rock collection, a powerful Android tablet, an MP3 credit, and more, all for cheap or free.


Just as mystery-novelists often write the ending first, I sometimes start my daily Cheapskate post by writing the bonus deal. And today, the bonus deals just got away from me, to the point where they consumed the whole post.

In other words, it's like all dessert and no dinner. But, somehow, I don't think you'll mind.

Bonus deal: The Xbox is rapidly evolving into a home-theater hub, what with the recent additions of HBO Go, SmartGlass, and the like. Alas, you need an Xbox Live membership to enjoy most of those features (including Netflix), and that'll set you back $50. (Seriously, Microsoft? Seriously? You know Nintendo and Sony give that stuff away, right?) Anyway, today only, Amazon Local has an Xbox Live Gold 12-month membership for $35. Just make sure you redeem the voucher prior to June 22.

Bonus deal No. 2: If you have an Android-powered tablet and younger kids, you'll be glad to know you can get the Madagascar 3 Movie Storybook app absolutely free today from the Amazon Appstore. And whether you have kids or not, you'll be glad to know you also get a $1 Amazon MP3 credit. Thanks to reader John for the heads-up!


Bonus deal No. 3: Like classic rock? No, I mean classic rock, like the from the '50s? Also at Amazon, you can score 111 Rock 'n' Roll Superhits for $5.99. Never mind the dorky, exclusive-TV-offer title; this collection includes major hits from the likes of Buddy Holly, Elvis, Roy Orbison, and Chuck Berry. And get this: if you give Amazon a little Facebook love, you'll get a $3 credit you can apply to any album priced $5.99 or higher. Meaning you can get this one for $2.99!

Bonus deal No. 4: Man, oh, man, tablet prices are dropping like rocks from the King's Landing castle walls. (You know what I mean, "Game of Thrones" fans.) Anyway, it was barely two weeks ago that I listed the Lenovo IdeaPad A1 for $169.99. Now, Costco has the IdeaPad A1 7-inch Android tablet for $149.99 shipped (plus sales tax). And it's new, not refurbished. (Non-members pay a surcharge, though it's not immediately clear what that is.) Not sure why the user reviews are so low here when they're extremely positive elsewhere, but it's still a stellar deal on a feature-rich tablet.

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Bonus deal No. 5: Game time! For a very limited time (not sure this will last the day, actually), GameFly is offering some big discounts on some big PC games. A best bet: Batman: Arkham City for $7.49. It sells elsewhere (including on Steam) for $29.99. Check out the other sale titles here.

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