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Bone conduction goggles let you ski and speak

Trying to connect with friends while hitting the slopes? The Buhel SpeakGoggle G33 lets you do it without the hassle of wires or ambient noise.


There's nothing like hitting the ski lodge for a warm beverage after a few hours on the slopes, but trying to round up the troops can be a pain when you have to dig through your winter layers to find your cell phone and then shout instructions over all the swooshing and ambient noise around you.

If you're sick of dealing with this first-world problem, let us introduce you to the Buhel SpeakGoggle G33. These high-tech goggles connect to your cell phone or smartphone via Bluetooth and feature a bone conduction mic integrated into the frame that translates speech using the vibrations from your nose. The advantage of bone conduction technology is that it blocks outside noise, so you can have a clearer conversation with your friend.

A pair of earphones is included with the SpeakGoggle G33, and they connect right into the goggles so you don't have to deal with long wires running from your phone to your ears. In addition to making phone calls, you can listen to music from your phone or Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player, as well as connect up to six other SpeakGoggle systems within 1,640 feet of you.

Large buttons on the exterior of the goggles allow for easy control, and voice dialing is supported as long as it's a feature of your mobile phone. Buhel says the SpeakGoggle's battery offers 10 hours of music playback and 12 hours of talk time.

The SpeakGoggle G33 is available in white, metallic silver, or black and the goggles have anti-fog, anti-scratch lenses with UV 400 protection. Pricing information is not available at this time.

(Via Gizmag)